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Business Owner's Guide

How to find your favorite tax-free shops!

トップ  >  How to find your favorite tax-free shops!

1,Choose location, for examaple, Tokyo either way as below

2,Choose category, for examaple, Cosmetics for your girlfriend

3,If you cannot find your favorite shop by "Sort by", click "Show Map"

4,So many shops are popping up! But don't worry. Let's see. You're planning to go to Kaminarimon at Asakusa when you come to Japan. Let's find cosmetic shops near Kaminarimon


5,Type Kaminarimon in Search. Kaminarimon is coming up, so zoom out the map, click on the marker, and click "Show Details"

6,The shop info is comming up. Click on "Get Directions"

7,Type in departure place(Use GPS on Smartphone) and you can get how to go to the shop by walk, train and car. Have a fun shopping

*We are not responsible even if you cannot get to the destination.


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