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Edo downtown Traditional Pottery house

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Edo downtown Traditional Pottery house 高ヒット [地図表示]
2014/11/11 18:43 投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 913hit ]
Taito City was being common people's town from the past in Edo and a town of Edo cultural origination and was prospering as a center of the commerce and the culture. Still, a shrine Buddhist temple from the Edo Period, the smart and dashing merchant disposition and the Metropolitan area where the traditional industry a craftsman grew leaves the trace in Edo embrace best ruin and culture.

There are a lot of craftsmen who are cherished in such history downtown and climate and tell an inherited traditional skill in Taito City, and made Traditional Pottery items are trained work and the material chosen through, and interesting with the warm warmth which can't be felt from a mass production product, and you give us abundance and moisture.
 A demonstration by a craftsman and a homemade class are being held so that then Edo downtown Traditional Pottery house (It opens in 1997.) introduces such Traditional Pottery items widely as well as everyone much can be fonder.
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住所(英語)2-22-13, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
AccessSubway Asakusa Line Asakusa Sta. 15-munute walk
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