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Aichi(16 件)
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Toyota Kaikan Exhibition Hall 高ヒット
2014/11/2 20:09  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 895hit ]
Aichi )
Toyota Kaikan features latest environment and safety technologies, Toyota Production System and some of Toyota and Lexus lineups. Toyota Kaikan also offers guided plant tour in English and Japanese.
住所(英語)1 Toyota-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi-ken, 471-8571 Japan
2014/11/2 19:42  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 831hit ]
Aichi )
Along with the exhibition hall where you are able to take in the manufacturing process of the cloisonne, there is an area where you can actually observe and interact with the craftsman and his craftsmanship. At the experiential area, with a menu centralized and containing a great selection of accessories, you can effortlessly make a cloisonne yourself.
住所(英語)Jusanwari 2000 Shippo-cho Ama-shi Aichi , 497-0002 Japan
The Tokugawa Art Museum 高ヒット
2014/11/9 23:57  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 634hit ]
Aichi )
The Tokugawa Art Museum was established under the non-profit The Tokugawa Reimeikai Foundation in 1935. The Museum ranks as the fouth oldest privately-endowed museum in Japan. Surviving from air-bombing during World War II and the disruptions of the immediate post-war period, the Museum celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 1985. To commemorate this milestone, long- planned for and extensive renovations began. After two years of construction work, with many months closed to the public, the new galleries...
住所(英語)1017, Tokugawa-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya 461-0023, Japan
Brother Communication Space 高ヒット
2014/11/2 19:58  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 623hit ]
Aichi )
Exhibition of Brother's products from old sewing machines to recent communication and printing equipments. Also exhibited the world's first sewing machine(replica). You can experience the latest printing technologies and a professional Karaoke system.
住所(英語)5-15 Shioiri-cho Mizuho-ku Nagoya-shi Aichi , 467-0851 Japan
Noritake Garden 高ヒット
2014/11/2 19:51  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 589hit ]
Aichi )
Notitake Garden is a place to experience the limits of traditions and arts of tableware manufactory and the possibilities of its new technology. It is also a place that hands down traditions to future generations as the birthplace of modern Japanese pottery. You will almost feel the breaths of history and culture from the industrial remains such as the Red Brick Building and the Six Chimneys. There are biotopes and grass arranged on the greenery that covers half of the site, and visitors are able to spen...
住所(英語)3-1-36 Noritakeshinmachi Nishi-ku Nagoya-shi Aichi , 451-8501 Japan
Tie-Dyeing-Museum 高ヒット
2014/11/9 16:19  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 583hit ]
Aichi )
In this house historical items on shibori and the know-hows are exhibited to the public. Also masters of shibori demonstrate the visitors how to make shibori, which is worth seeing. On request visitors can also experience tying in the workshop to see how it works. On the first floor is the exhibition-sale hall, where you can learn all about Arimatsu Shibori.Tie-dyeingThe history of Arimatsu, a town known as the center of shibori or tie-dyeing, dates back to 1608, when Takeda Shokuro and other pioneers of...
住所(英語)3008, Arimatsu, Midori-ku, Nagoya, Aichi-ken, 458-0924
Nagoya City Science Museum 高ヒット
2014/11/9 17:39  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 566hit ]
Aichi )
「Watch, Touch, and Discover.」NCSM is the comprehensive science museum of Nagoya city.The Nagoya City Science Museum has many highlights such as an external appearance of landmark design featuring the spherical shape of the world's biggest planetarium with a diameter of 35 meters, a highly realistic starry sky that shown on the planetarium's screen, a -30 degree ºC room where you can see aurora images, and a large screen on which you can experience an artificial tornado 8 meters in height.T...
住所(英語)17-1, Sakae 2-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0008, Japan
2014/11/9 10:45  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 563hit ]
Aichi )
We at the Toyota Automobile Museum are committed to exploring the history of the automobile, sharing our insights with you and employing our world-class collection of cars to enrich the future prospects of people and the automobile.The museum opened on April 16, 1989 as one of Toyota Motor Corporation's 50th anniversary projects. Our regular exhibits include about 140 vehicles of historical importance from around the world.In the main building, our wide-ranging collection of vehicles on display guid...
住所(英語)41-100 Yokomichi, Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture 480-1118, Japan
Hatcho Miso no Sato 高ヒット
2014/11/9 17:16  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 521hit ]
Aichi )
What is "HATCHO MISO" ?For centuries Japanese craftsmen, using natural fermentation,have transformed soybeans and grains into a delicious and versatile staplefood and seasoning called miso.Rich and savory, miso adds a harmonizing flavor to a wide variety of dishes.Like fine wines, each miso has a distinct flavor, color and aroma.Throughout Japan, even today, each region is proud of its own type of miso.In central Japan's Aichi Province, in the town of Okazaki, on Hatcho (8th) Street, is a ...
住所(英語)69 Okan-dori, Hatcho-cho, Okazaki-shi, Aichi-ken 444--0923, Japan
2014/11/9 16:44  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 477hit ]
Aichi )
Historic pottery town Tokoname has museums to convey the spirit of its manufacturing culture.Clay obtains water, is given a useful form, and passes through fire to become ceramics.Explore the many-faceted world of clay and ceramics at INAX hands-on museums.See, touch, feel, learn, and create.Experience the thrill of clay and ceramics in hands-on classes, exhibitions, and workshops.Exciting events and fun-packed activities await you.
住所(英語)1-130 Okuei-cho, Tokoname-shi, Aichi Prefecture 479-8586, Japan
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