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2014/11/2 19:30  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 1372hit ]
Fukui )
You can observe the manufacturing process of the traditional crafts of Echizen Uchihamono, and of the traditional craftsman’s kitchen knife. We also offer production experience of paper knives and kitchen knives. (Reservation needed)
住所(英語)22-91 Yokawa-cho Echizen-shi Fukui , 915-0031 Japan
Manda Koso CO.,LTD 高ヒット
2014/11/3 1:36  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 1076hit ]
Hiroshima )
Observe the manufacturing process through the raw materials of Manda Fermentation. Wonder Farm…Observe the vegetables grown using the plant activators of Manda Fermentation. (Jumbo Japanese white radish, Jumbo pumpkins, etc.)
住所(英語)5800-95 Innoshima Shigeicho Onomichi-shi Hiroshima, 722-2192 Japan
2014/11/11 20:32  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 1037hit ]
Kanagawa )
Exhibition Hall "WHARF"From imagination to creation DOCOMO R&D Exhibition Hall "WHARF"Outline of the WHARF Exhibition HallYou can feel and experience the future. "WHARF" gives you a glimpse of the future mobile communications and smart lives which DOCOMO R&D is striving to realize. DOCOMO envisions to contribute to each customer's richer, more convenient and dynamic pleasant smart life.DOCOMO R&D shares the same spirit in conducting research and development....
住所(英語)Research and Development Zone, Yokosuka Research Park, 3-5 Hikari-no-oka, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
JFE Steel Corporation East Japan Works(Keihin district) 高ヒット
2014/11/2 15:43  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 1028hit ]
Kanagawa )
Production process of iron.Personal visit is not permitted. Only accept group visit (at least 10 persons). Please arrange a bus on your own if needed.
住所(英語)1-1 Ogishima Kawasaki-shiKawasaki-ku Kanagawa , 210-0868 Japan
Numata Memorial Hall & Mitutoyo Museum of Dimensional Metrology 高ヒット
2014/11/2 16:46  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 994hit ]
Kanagawa )
Numata Memorial Hall: Responded to the needs of the industry by solely producing precision length measuring tools ever since the establishment of Mitutoyo. Mitutoyo Museum has the exhibition of the eprecision measuring instruments for machine industry in the world since 1840.
住所(英語)1-20-1 Sakado Takatu-ku Kawasaki-shi Kanagawa , 213-8533 Japan
Edo downtown Traditional Pottery house 高ヒット
2014/11/11 18:43  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 961hit ]
Tokyo )
Taito City was being common people's town from the past in Edo and a town of Edo cultural origination and was prospering as a center of the commerce and the culture. Still, a shrine Buddhist temple from the Edo Period, the smart and dashing merchant disposition and the Metropolitan area where the traditional industry a craftsman grew leaves the trace in Edo embrace best ruin and culture. There are a lot of craftsmen who are cherished in such history downtown and climate and tell an inherited traditi...
住所(英語)2-22-13, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Kirin Beer Park Chitose 高ヒット
Kirin Beer Park Chitose
2014/11/2 9:41  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 953hit ]
Hokkaido )
A brewery tour where you will taste freshly brewed beer after observing the manufacturing and shipping process. You will be accompanied by a tour guide.
住所(英語)949-1 Kamiosatsu Chitose-shi Hokkaido , 066-8711 Japan
Toyota Kaikan Exhibition Hall 高ヒット
2014/11/2 20:09  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 943hit ]
Aichi )
Toyota Kaikan features latest environment and safety technologies, Toyota Production System and some of Toyota and Lexus lineups. Toyota Kaikan also offers guided plant tour in English and Japanese.
住所(英語)1 Toyota-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi-ken, 471-8571 Japan
2014/11/2 19:42  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 882hit ]
Aichi )
Along with the exhibition hall where you are able to take in the manufacturing process of the cloisonne, there is an area where you can actually observe and interact with the craftsman and his craftsmanship. At the experiential area, with a menu centralized and containing a great selection of accessories, you can effortlessly make a cloisonne yourself.
住所(英語)Jusanwari 2000 Shippo-cho Ama-shi Aichi , 497-0002 Japan
Aichi Sangyo Co ., Ltd. 高ヒット
2014/11/11 11:42  投稿者: jsn (記事一覧) [ 832hit ]
Tokyo )
We cater to all types of metal layered manufacturingMetal layered manufacturing solutions · AAMS (Arms)In recent years, metal fabrication by metal 3D printer is an area that is also attracting attention worldwide, meat prime system of a metal powder, which is based on early foreseeable welding technology the demand of this field in Aichi industry, LMD (laser and we have put steadily achievements in the field of metal di Pollet tion). And, for the metal laminate dedicated powder, LPW Technology, Inc. (he...
住所(英語)2-6-8, Higashioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0011
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